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About Kabul

Kabul's skyline has transformed post-Taliban's 2001 ouster. Once upon a time, it was a stop on the old hippy trail to India, then ruined by the civil war, today Kabul is brimming with endless new buildings, fancy restaurants, busy bazaars and air filled with the buzz of mobile phones. But at the surface things aren't rosy – the infrastructure creaks, electricity and clean water are still a dream for many, and the background noise of security alerts and road barriers is a continuous reminder that Kabul's path to reconstruction continues to be rocky. As a window to Afghanistan, Kabul is exciting, frustrating, inspiring and shocking all at the same time.

There are 7 unique attractions in Kabul that have made to our list

  1. OMAR Mine Museum
  2. Marjan the Lion Memorial
  3. Darul Aman Palace
  4. Tajbeg Palace
  5. The last operating Synagogue in Afghanistan
  6. Skateistan
  7. The Giant Blimp Hovering over Kabul

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kabul

  1. Kabul Museum
  2. Bala Hissar & City Walls
  3. Babur's Gardens
  4. Sultani Museum
  5. Omar Landmine Museum
  6. Mausoleum of Nadir Shah
  7. European Cemetery
  8. Ka Faroshi Bird Market
  9. Kabul Zoo
  10. National Archive
  11. Shah-e Doh Shamshira Mosque
  12. Bibi Mahru Hill
  13. National Gallery
  14. Mausoleum of Timur Shah
  15. Mausoleum of Abdur Rahman Khan
  16. Royal Palace Of Darulaman
  17. Ghazi Stadium

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