International Summer Special Packages 2013

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Turkey: Rs. 82,900/-
Hong Kong, Macau: Rs. 49,900/-
Singapore/ Malaysia: Rs. 53,900/-
South Africa: Rs. 97,900/-
Mauritius: Rs. 57,900/-
Dubai: Rs. 33,500/-
Thailand: Rs. 23,900/-
Spain: Rs. 93,900/-

Hong Kong, Macau
Duration: 3n Hong kong/ Macau 2n
3* Rs. 49,900, 4* Rs. 56,900
Rs. 58,900 (Sheraton)
Rs. 59,900 (Venetian- Discovery Package)
Rs. 68,900 (Banyan Tree)
Add on 1n Shenzen Rs. 8900
Add on 1n Disneyland Rs. 14,025
Add on 1n Cruise Rs. 6600

Thailand (Visa* on arrival)
2n Bangkok, 3n Pattaya
Price: Rs. 23,900
3n Phuket: Rs. 29,900 (Best deal)
2n Bangkok, 3n Phuket: Rs. 37,900
3n Koh Samui, 2n Bangkok: Rs. 45,900
3n Krabi, 2n Phuket: Rs. 47,900
4n Bali, 2n Bangkok: Rs. 54,900

Singapore 4n/ Star Virgo Cruise 2n
3*: Rs. 61,900

Singapore 4n/ Royal Caribbean Cruise 2n
3*: Rs. 73,900, 4* & 5* (4n also available on cruise)

Singapore/ Malaysia
Duration: 6n/7d
Price: 3* – Rs. 53,900

Singapore 4n, 3n Bintan
Duration: 7n/ 8d
Price: 3*- Rs. 57,900

Singapore 3n/ Bali 4n
Duration: 7n/ 8d
Price: 3*- Rs. 59,900

Duration: 4n/5d
Price: 3*- Rs. 33,900, 4* – Rs. 40,900, 5*- Rs. 45,900 (Add on Abu Dhabi: Rs. 6600)

Dubai Combo Package
Duration: 4n/5d
5* 2n Millenium + 5* 2n Atlantis Rs. 62,900
3* 3n Dubai + 3* 2n Abu Dhabi
Duration: 5n/6d
Price: Rs. 48,900

Dubai/ Mauritius (Honeymoon spl)
Duration: 7n/8d
3*- Rs. 64,900, 4*- Rs. 78,900, 5*- Rs. 83,900
(family pack also available)

Mauritius(Honeymoon spl)
Duration: 6n/7d
3*- Tarisa: Rs. 57,900
4*- Tamassa: Rs. 65,900
5*- Lux Grand Gaube: Rs. 72,900
5*- Intercontinental: Rs. 75,900
5*- Lux Bellemare: Rs. 77,900

Duration: 4n/5d
Price: Rs. 97,000

Duration: 7n/8d
Price: Rs. 1,25,900 (*T&C Apply)

Duration: 5n/6d
lbiza, Barcelona: Rs. 93,900
(Rotary convention package also available)

Duration: 10n/11d
Barcelona, Norwegian cruise
Price: Rs.1,25,900

Duration: 4n/5d
4*- Paradise: Rs. 49,900
5*- Angsana Velavaru: Rs. 79,900
5*- Lux Maldives: Rs. 87,900, Angsana lhuru: Rs. 95,900

Malaysia- KL,Langkawi, Genting
Duration: 6n/7d
3*- Rs. 56,900, 4*- Rs. 58,900, 5*- Rs. 62,900
7n/8d: 2n KL, 2n Genting, 3n Penang: 3*- Rs. 59,900
5n/6d: 2nKL, 1n Genting, 2n Afamosa: 4*- Rs. 57,900

2n Manila, 2n Cebu
Duration: 4n/5d: Rs. 79,900
2n Manila, 2n Boracay
Duration: 4n/5d: Rs.80,900

Turkey- Istanbul, Cappadocia
Duration: 4n/5d- 4*: Rs. 82,900
Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya: 7n/8d- Rs. 1,16,900

South Africa
Duration: 5n/6d
Price: Rs. 97,900

Duration: 8n/9d
Price: Rs. 1,49,900

Duration: 6N/7D
Price: Rs. 1,41,900

Duration: 12N/13D
Price: Rs. 2,11,900

7n/8d: Rs. 1,32,900
10n/11d: Rs. 1,62,900
13n/14d: Mt. Peaks with Alaska Cruise- Rs. 2,25,900

Switzerland 5n/6d: Rs. 99,900
Paris+ French Riveria 6n/7d: Rs. 1,10900
Switzerland + France 6n/7d: Rs. 1,18,900
Switzerland + France + Netherland 8n/9d: Rs. 1,35,900

Italy by train
6n/7d (Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan): Rs. 99,900
7n/8d (Rome, Florence, Venice): Rs. 1,07,900

Austria 7n/8d: Rs. 1,24,900
3n Prague, 2n Vienna, 2n Budapest

European Romance
7n/8d: Rs. 1,31,900 (Prague, Cesky, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Fuessen, Munich)

6n/7d Gold Coast, Sydney: Rs. 1,07,900/-
8n/9d Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or Cairns: Rs. 1,27,900/-
8n/9d Sydney, Gold Coast with Hamilton Island: Rs. 1,62,900/-

New Zealand Spl.
Christchurch, Queenstown 5n/6d 3*: Rs. 1,49,900
Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, Queenstown 9n/10d 3*: Rs. 1,91,900
Russia 6n/7d: Rs. 1,10,900
Greece 7n/8d: Rs. 95,900
Egypt 6n/7d: Rs. 72,900, 7n/8d: Rs. 85,900

*T&c Apply

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