Jet Airways and TripAdvisor offer on JPMiles

Jet Airways and TripAdvisor India have come together to come up with special launch offer where you can earn JPMiles when you write reviews about hotels at Trip Advisor. JP Miles is nothing but the frequent flyer program of Jet Airways. It is also known as JetPrivilege. With this Jet Privilege you can earn points for various tasks, including writing reviews at TripAdvisor India, flying with Jet Airways and more and earn points and use those points or redeem them for flying with Jet Airlines again.
With this offer you can earn up to 4000 JPMiles throughout the year 2010. This partnership came into being from December 1, 2009.

This offer is valid at website and you will need to write reviews about hotels that you stayed or heard or knew about.

You can earn JP Miles throughout the year 2010.

If you write 3 to 6 hotel reviews from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 you can earn 500 JPMiles. While if you write 7 or more hotel reviews at Trip Advisor you can earn 1000 JPMiles during this time period. You can qualify to receive new and fresh JP Miles every according to the slab mentioned above, for the following quarters, January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December 2010. So you have a chance to win up to 4000 JP Miles for sure, if you can write at least 28 hotel reviews throughout the year 2010, split into 4 batches.

Also there is a chance of winning 5000 JPMiles or Jet Privilege Miles through the year 2010. This will be applicable if you can write 10 or more reviews during each quarter as mentioned above, in other words if you can write 40 reviews (split into 4 batches for each quarter) or more you will be entered into this sweepstakes.

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