Write Hotel Reviews and win imint points from Tripadvisor

Trip Advisor, the world’s most trusted travel advice site has announced new offer for the new and existing users. All you have to do is to write reviews with imint points. You can win up to 1000 i-mint rewards points just by writing reviews about the hotels you have stayed in so far. And these points will be added to your existing i-mint cards which you will need to supply to TripAdvisor in order to enter this offer. The same i-mint points can be redeemed for free gifts.

To enter this contest or offer, you will need to visit www.tripadvisor.in and register and start writing reviews about all the hotels you have stayed in so far.

If you write 1 to 2 hotel reviews you can win 100 imint points and similarly if you can write 3 to 6 hotel reviews you can get 400 i-mint points and likewise you can win 1000 i-mint points just by writing 7 or more hotel reviews (the hotels in which you have stayed or experienced their service).

When you are submitting the hotel reviews you will need to enter your i-mint card number and the email ID that you have registered with i-mint in order to receive the rewards points credited correctly to your i-mint account.

This offer is valid till April 12, 2010.

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Similarly you can win up to 1000 JPmiles, up to Rs. 250 cash back at IRCTC and up Rs. 250 flight booking voucher from Cleatrip, just by writing hotel reviews at Trip Advisor. Visit Trip Advisor for more details.

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