Get Upto 50% Off on Wednesday For Citi Bank Customers by

Get Upto 50% Off on Wednesday For Citi Bank Customers by

Enjoy an upto 50% discount on your booking when you book on a Wednesday. Just use the code “CHPW<first 6 digits of your Citibank Debit Card>” to avail the offer.
The upto 50% off on Wednesdays offer is subject to a maximum of:

Rs.300 off on Domestic Flights
Rs.1000 off on International Flights
Rs.1000 off on Hotels

More Savings in the rest of the Week

On other days of the week, use the promo code “CTYY”  along with first six digits on your debit card to avail the other discounts with citibank.

Rs.200 off on domestic Flights
Rs.500 off on International Flights
Rs.750 off on Hotels

Discounts for NRI Banking Customers

Get the best deals on your travel to and within India
Use the code “CNRI ” along with first six digits on your Citibank debit card to avail the offer.

India Flights – $30 off per booking from USA to any destination in India.
Domestic Flights – Rs300 off per booking on domestic air travel
International Flights (From India) – Rs 750 off per booking on international air travel
Hotels – 20% off on hotel bookings in India Subject to maximum of Rs 1000

POCKET SAVER and CitiBank proudly welcome you on board
Make your first online transaction, Use the Unique Pocket Savers code provided by Citibank to avail this offer

Rs 300. off to be redeemed against domestic flight bookings.

Citibank Customers Special offer TNC
Process to be followed:
Step 1: Log on and search for flights or Hotels (As Required)
Step 2: From the searched results, choose the option that suits you requirements.
Step 3: Click to book your flight, Enter the promotion code provided in Promotion code details Box and continue booking.
Step 4: Enter the contact Information (The Passenger or tourist will be able to see the discount Offered on the booking on this page) and select the payment options.
Step 5: Enter the Payment Details, Billing Address and other required details on this page
Step 6: Click on Confirm booking.

1. All the attached offers will be valid for 1year from the date of launch or 31st May 2011. (Or which ever is earlier) during which customer can make their bookings
2. Any bookings made under citi half price Wednesday will be considered only if its made on Wednesday. Booking made under this offer on any other days of the week will be cancelled
3. In the event Customer misses to enter the promotion code for availing the discount, Citibank shall, in no way, be liable for the same to refund the applicable base fare or booking amount.
4. The ticket dispatch and fulfillment process is completely managed by Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd.(“Yatra”). Citibank shall, in no way, be responsible for any ticket fulfillment issues that may arise during the ticket booking process.
5. Regular cancellation/modification fee would applicable in case of change of itinerary standard terms & conditions of Airline or Hotel Service provider and Yatra.
6. Citibank will not be held liable for any cancellation, postponement etc. of the flight for which the booking is done by the Customer and that Citibank shall in no way be liable to reimburse the Customer on an occurrence of such an event.
7. Unless or until the payment is realized in full, the booking is subject to cancellation by the Airline or Yatra without any prior notice.
8. Please be advised the inbound bookings (In Case of US to INDIA bookings of flights , Pls refer following terms and conditions in of Inbound Bookings that the payment system followed on this Website is Offline and though unlikely, there may be a time gap between the physical collection of credit-card details from the Customer and the actual charging/debiting of the Customer’s credit-card. Until and during the time period the payment is being charged and realized in full from the credit-card, should there be an increase in airfare or taxes, the same will be intimated to the Customer and his consent sought before debiting the Customer’s credit-card
9. Citibank bears no responsibility for the usage of the ticket provided by Yatra and issued to the Customer under this Offer. Also, Citibank bears no responsibility for the nature of services/amenities provided during the designated flight and will not entertain any complaints/disputes regarding the same. The Customers should directly address, any complaints and/or disputes regarding service, amenities and/or products provided to the Customers during the flight, or disputes/complaints of any other nature emanating out of/related to the designated flight, to Yatra and / or airline service provider.
10. Citibank does not hold any warranty or make any representation of the quality of services provided by Yatra under this Offer.
11. Any disputes as regards delivery or fulfillment of tickets and/or services provided by Yatra under this Offer must be addressed by the Customer in writing to Yatra directly and that Citibank shall not entertain any communication in this regard.
12. Nothing contained in this Offer will be construed as an obligation on Citibank to continue the Offer after the Offer termination/expiration date.
13. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment or representation of Citibank to conduct further such Offers.
14. Citibank and Yatra reserve the right at any time, without notice, to add/alter/change/or vary any or all of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part, this Offer by another offer, whether similar to this offer or not, or to withdraw it altogether.
15. Promotion code/Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for any other product/ cash or transferred to any other person.
16. All bookings will be governed by the standard terms & conditions (subject to changes) of Yatra and airlines service provider.
17. Citibank and Yatra shall not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered, to the customer, directly or indirectly, by use or non-use of products/services under this Offer. Yatra’s entire liability under this Offer shall be limited to the amount of discount offered and shall in no event exceed that.
18. All other Terms and conditions on will apply.

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Package Posted on : Sep 3, 2010
Package Valid for Limited Period Only

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