5 Nights Pindari Glacier Trekking Package by KMVN Rs.4350/-

Pindari Glacier (3250mts and upwards): The most accessible glacier in Kumaon Region, Pindari is located at 3820mts in Patti Malla Danpur of Almora district. The Pindari glacier is 3kms long and 0.25kms broad and is connected to the southwestern slope of the outer wall of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The main peaks near the glacier are Nandakot(6880mts.), Nandakhat(6611mts.), Pawalidwar(6663mts.), Balijuri(5922mts.) and Changuch (6322mts.). The picturesque route to Pindari glacier has KMVN rest houses at convenient sites all along up to Phurkia. The distance from Delhi to Kathgodam (280kms), Kathgodam to Saung(215kms) by bus. From Saung to Pindari glacier is as 45km’s trek.

Pindari Glacier Trek

Pindari Glacier Trek


5 Nights 6 Days Economic Package
Rs. 4350.00 per person
2.58% Service Tax Extra
Min 20 Trekkers

Starts At : Saung
Ends At: Saung
Duration: 5 Nights/ 6 Days
Best Period: May-June & September-October

1st Day
Reporting Saung (Package starts from Lunch at Loharkhet) (3kms by trek)
2nd Day
Loharkhet to Khati (17kms by trek)
3rd Day
Khati to Phurkia (16kms by trek)
4th Day
Phurkia to Zero Point- Dwali (19 kms by trek)
5th Day
Dwali to Dhakuri (19kms by trek)
6th Day
Dhakuri to Loharkhet and drop at Saung (1:00PM) (12kms by trek) TOUR CONCLUDE

Pindar Glacier Trekking

Pindar Glacier Trekking

Includes share accommodation in Rest Houses/ Tents, Vegetarian food and Guide.

1. 15 days before departure no refund.
2. 20 days before departure 60% deduction.
3. 25 days before departure 40% deduction.
4. 30 days before departure 10% deduction

Rs.4,350+ 2.58% Service Tax Per Person.
Min Group – 20 Trekkers

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