Kasauli Weather Forecast

Looking for the weather, climate conditions and forecast for Kasauli, India? View current (latest) Kasauli weather conditions; see a 7 or 14-day rainfall forecast, get local travel conditions and review Kasauli, India satellite and radar maps, temperature and rainfall statistics for Kasauli.

Kasauli Weather Forecast for Next 7 Days - When to Visit Kasauli


Best Seasons to Travel in Kasauli

Best Time to Visit Kasauli: Throughout the year.

Kasauli Weather Updates

Kasauli has a pleasant climate all through the year. Summers season starts during March to June and have cool nights and warm days with maximum temperature ranges from 28°C and a minimum of 14°C.

Winters starts during November to February that are cold with snow falls occurring very rarely and temperature range is in between 5°C to 14°C. Monsoons are pleasant with low rainfalls.

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