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About Changlang

Changlang is renowned for its unique natural beauty, culture and tradition. Located on a picturesque valley, its average altitude ranges from 200 m to 4500 m above sea level. Surrounded by lush evergreen forest, hills and landscapes, it is a perfect delight for all nature lovers. Here you can also take a glimpse of the Tais and Singpho tribe culture.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Changlang

  • Namdapha National Park : Namdapha National Park was declared as a Tiger Reserve in 1983. The park sprawls across 1985 sq. Km, which makes it one of the largest national parks in north-east India. Located close to the Himalayan mountain range, it is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It’s a bird watchers paradise and separate sites for camping and photography.
  • Lake of No Return : The scenic lake is located 12 km from Nampong, the Lake of No Return is visible from Pangsau Pass. The lake was used for a soft landing for fighter planes during World War II.
  • Nampong : Situated on the Indo-Myanmar border, Nampong is a quaint town in Arunachal Pradesh. It is referred to as Hell Pass due to its dangerous route. Among all these routes, Stilwell Road and Pangsau Pass are the most challenging ones.
  • Miao : Situated on the bank of Noa-Dihing River, it is famous for its Patkai Bum mountain range. There is also a museum, mini zoo and a Tibetan refugee settlement that sells some best quality of woollen carpets in a variety of design and colours.
  • World War II Cemetery : Situated 25 km from the Pangsau Pass near Indo-Myanmar Border, World War II Cemetery is built in the memory of brave hearts who sacrificed their lives during the 2nd World War.
  • Tibetan Refugee Settlement Camp : It is a perfect destination for the shopaholics. The camp produces superior quality of woollen and cotton carpets that are sold out in the global market.

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